About us

We are children of the wind.

We are children of our culture, of our values.
We are children of the wind.

I’m Carlo Deperu, Sardinian, graduated from the University of Agriculture in Milan with a degree in Viticulture and Enology.
There’s always something to learn from wine and life. That’s why, after a series of internships and work experiences at various wineries around Italy, I felt that something was missing. So, I decided to come back home and start my own business.
In 2007, my family and I planted our first ten-acres vineyard. A dream had come true, bringing lots of work, but also lots of joy.
I watch for the vineyard and the cellar work myself. In my free time, I allow myself to cherish another passion – Music.

I’m Tatiana Holler, Brazilian of German origin, love to travel and that’s part of how I ended up at an Italian vineyard. I graduated in Social Communication and Marketing in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I worked many years in the advertising industry in Milan. There I met Carlo and I fell in love, both with him and Sardinia. The shared love for all things mediterranean, specially wine, led us to set roots in this beautiful land.
I am in charge of the administrative tasks and company marketing.

In a world where people have less and less time to stop and listen to what really speaks to their hearts, we were able to set aside a little piece of paradise. This is our place, our life, our future. Aiming to do well the things we love is our life goal.

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