Philosophy and practice

…to grow up together with our vines

For us one of the noblest gestures of mankind is to cultivate the land with respect:
to work together with nature and let her gently pay us back.

We help the soil and the plants to do its best without impairing their ecosystem.
For now we’ve chosen not to have certifications, but our work is deeply natural and organic, with the highest respect for the plants, the environment and ourselves.

We flush the vineyard only when really necessary, we don’t use any weed killer or organ-mineral fertilizer. We promote alternative techniques as temporary grassing with leguminous plants, to respect the real needs of the vines.

The wind blows constantly in Sardinia and is abundant in our vineyard it brings dry weather and help us to limit any treatments.
Our wine is mainly made in the vinyeard but when the grapes come into the cellar, fantasy and experience start to figure out what is going to happen while watching the colours, tasting the sweetness and inebriating yourself with the scent of the fermenting must. The result is achieved by the nature itself and the man monitoring this magic transformation, trying to interfere as little as possible in the natural walk of the grapes turning into wine.
Keen and careful eyes, livable vineyard and propitious nature.

These elements allow us making the wine which respects the nature and the people who drink it, including us.

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