Our territory

Between Gallura and Anglona

In the morning, while the the wind is still asleep,
Monte Ruiu reflects itself onto lake Coghinas and is multiplied majestically with tones of red.
Even the sky mirrored into these waters grants itself twice, both above and below.

We are located in North Sardinia, between Gallura and Anglona historical zones, near the towns of Bortigiadas and Perfugas. Our vineyards, settled on limestone land, are located in “Lu Scupaggiu”, a unique area characterized by a mild climate due its proximity to both the sea and the Lake Coghinas.
In this place the mountains of Gallura lose altitude and give space to the hills of Anglona. All these details are very important, they give character and uniqueness to our vineyards and wines. The wind from the sea, just 15 km away, passes through the mountains and creates a unique climate for grape growing.

The wine we produce translates our love, dedication and respect for the grapes, plants, land and life. It tastes of the overflow of joy that fills our heart each morning when we go up the hill to work and each dawn, when we salute sunset.
With every sip you take we will be blessed by the Mistral, enjoying the lake and the breeze of the sea .

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