Dae sa ua a su binu, su caminu est pius longu chi dae su calighe a sa buca.

From grape to wine there is a long journey, much longer than that from the glass to the lips.

Familia – Isola dei Nauraghi IGT

We want glory, conflict, pleasure, we want to grow up around the table, in front of the glasses, feeding our souls.

Familia is a wine to drink together, eating and laughing, rough but with a fine soul, with prodigal taste and proud to represent this land, where Muristellu always walked “umpare” together with Cannonau.

As a matter of fact, these two vines are growing in the same vineyard in order to have a constant production. The blend ratio can vary year by year depending on the harvest.

Vines: Muristellu (Bovale Sardo), Cannonau.
Training System: spurred cordon.
Density: 5.860 plants per hectar.
Yield: 5.500 kg.
Wine-Making: manual harvest, seven days maceration, fermentation with wild yeasts. Refined in steel and bottle. No synthetic products, no clarifications and filtrations.

Colour: deep red with violet glares.
Smell: red berries with warm spicy and balsamic notes.
Taste: warm softness balanced with young and elegant tannins. Long and charming end which remind to the smell feelings.
Pairings: afternoon meetings with cured meat and semi-hard cheese, fish soups, grilled fat fishes, red meat, spicy beans soups.

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