Semus su frutu de sa cultura nostra, de sos balores e de su bentu.

We are fruits grown from our culture, our values and the wind.

Fria Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

During maturation, when the Mistral winds dominate our land, the clear salty air lies on the golden grapes of Vermentino. This sapidity is the characther of this wine, which reminds us about the wind and all the roads it has pasesed through.

Fria is a pure and true Vermentino. It shows rare feelings in times where everything can be patterned.

It seduces the ones who love spontaneity and authenticity.

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

Vines: Vermentino 100%.
Training System: Guyot.
Density: 4.000 plants per hectar.
Yield: 6/7.000 kg.
Wine-Making: manual harvest, twenty four hours maceration on skins, soft press, “pied de cuve” with wild yeasts. No synthetic products, no clarifications and filtrations.

Colour: straw-yellow to slightly gold.
Smell: wide with white pulp fruit note.
Taste: warm, fresh and salty, firm. A real Vermentino who gives brings good sapidity and almond ending.
Pairings: seafood starers, shellfish risotto, summer soups, fish barbecues and seaside appetizers.

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