Afundare a intro sa terra sena mòrrere

Sink into the land and and not die.

Oberaìa – Isola dei Nauraghi IGT

Such a great privilege from the vine! Deep-harmonic simbiosis betwenn the ground and the plants, celebration of roots and life.

On April 23rd in Perfugas we celebrate one of the Patron Saints, St. George the Warrior. This red wine is a homage to our roots and our culture, to the people of Oberaìa de Santu Jorzi Association, who every year work hard to make the celebration. Oberaìa is the wine of our celebration.

Vines: Cannonau, Cabernet Sauvignon.
Training System: small tree and spurred cordon.
Density: 5.860 plants per hectar.
Yield: 3.500 kg.
Wine-Making: manual harvest, twenty days maceration, fermentation with wild yeasts. Refined in oak barrels for twelve months on fine lees and nine months in bottle. No synthetic products, no clarifications and filtrations.

Colour: deep red with ruby glares.
Smell: berries and sour cherries, with spicy notes.
Taste: full, rich, body taste, good tannins.Match: winter pasta dishes, wild games main dishes, hard cheeses.
Pairings: winter pasta dishes, wild games main dishes, hard cheeses.

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