Prama Dorada

Fiamus barbatellas e como semus ua, semus Binu

We were vine cuttings, now weare grape, we are wine.

Prama Dorada Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

If you give the World something good, it pays you back with a breath, with a breeze, with a good wine.

Prama Dorada is the rediscovery of old white wines, from the times when grafting with selected detached scions has been practiced to combine wine varieties in the rows. Prama Dorada is the mix of the wild Sardinians grapes that we love more (Vermentino, Malvasia, Moscato e Nasco).
An elegant and unique blend.

Vines: native white grapes.
Training System: guyot.
Density: 4.000 plants per hectar.
Yield: 6/7.000 kg.
Wine-Making manual harvest, minimum seven days maceration on skins, soft press, “pied de cuve” with wild yeasts, blend, nine months “battonage” on fine lees. No synthetic products, no clarifications and filtrations.

Colour: full yellow with topaz nuances.
Smell: summer white pulp fruit without exotic forcing, the smell develops to kind almond, chamomile, honey and chlorophyll notes in a classy bouquet.
Taste: enchanting, soft and warm, balanced by light salty feelings, good harmony and structure, soft almond aftertaste.
Pairings: elaborated seafood starters, handcrafted raw ham, salty or spicy pasta dishes, white-rind and blue cheeses.

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